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Academic Resources 

Below are activities from our Creative Curriculum for each age group.    


Language Activities


Math Activities

Social-Emotional Activities


Language Activities

Math Activities

Social-Emotional Activities

iPad Apps

Below are iPad Apps that are used in the PreK & Kinder classrooms.

  • Starfall ABCs

  • Cat in the Hat Builds That (STEM)

  • Play and Learn Science PBS (STEM)

  • ABC Alphabet Learning Puzzles

  • Tiny Hands Sorting

  • First 8 Studios Gracie and Friends

    • Birthday Cafe​

    • City Skate

    • Jungle Gym

  • Geoboards ​

  • Hungry Alphabets (4s/K)

  • Subitizing Flash Cards

  • Moose Math

  • 10 Frame Fill

  • Endless Word Play

Additional Resources

  • [NEW] Why Can't I Go to School? - Is your child asking you why he/she can't go to school.  This resource helps explain why.  

  • [NEW]FAMILY GAME NIGHT - Try this family math game to help your child practice "subitizing" - an essential math skill where students instantly recognize small number of objects.  

  • CLASS AT HOME - Teachers are assessed twice a year using the CLASS assessment system.  Click on the link to get a glimpse into your child's day and how to use it at home.  

  • Yoga with Dynamic Therapy Specialists - We are "hosting" a free kids yoga opportunity.  All the families have to do is request to join- it is free.  We will definitely be offering it this Mon-Wednesday and possibly longer depending on the interest level.

  • [NEW] Healthy at Home - Our curriculum company -Creative Curriculum - has created a Healthy at Home webpage, which is a toolkit for helping families impacted by COVID - 19.  

  • [NEW] Behavior Guidance Strategies - Here are 5 strategies that are used to support positive behavior in the classroom that can be used at home!  

Educational Websites

  • [NEW!] Although our field trips were cancelled to LASM, now you can take a virtual one at home through LASM's virtual museum.  Click here to begin!  

  • [NEW! ALL AGE GROUPS] Need some kid friendly explanations regarding this crisis and how to stay safe?  Sesame Street to the rescue.   Click here to view see how Elmo and his friends are staying safe!  

  • Going Stir Crazy?  Click here to follow guided dance videos to help release energy!!  Our students love Go Noodle., and you can download the app on your Amazon Fire TV/Stick.   

  • ​Click here to listen to a read aloud and download the corresponding activity guide sponsored by Scholastic.

  • [PreK-3] Click here to practice counting and number recognition using 5 Frames.

  • [PreK-4 & Kinder] Click here to practice counting and number recognition using 10 Frames.

  • Does your child miss Chapel?  Click here to watch animated Bible stories about heroes of the Bible.  

  • Mindfulness is the new trend in Early Childhood Education.  Click here to participate in Cosmic Kids Yoga - an interactive yoga adventure for kids.  Also, this app is available for downlaod on your Amazon Fire TV/Stick.   

  • ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy is offering free subscriptions during this time.  Click here to redeem your access code, which can be found in your email from ELC.  

  • Reading IQ is offering free subscriptions to their online digital library.  Click here to redeem your access code, which can be found in your email from ELC.  

Last Updated 4/21/2020
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