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Application & Admissions Procedure 

Applications for admission may be submitted to the ELC at any time. Once an application is received, the child will be placed on the ELC’s waiting list. In the Spring of each year, the ELC Director will announce a deadline for applications to be submitted for the upcoming Program Year. Applications received after this deadline will be considered in order of priority only after the current waiting list has been exhausted and to the extent that any vacancies remain for the upcoming Program Year.


Once the application period closes and admissions decisions made, the ELC will begin notifying parents whose child(ren) has been accepted for enrollment for the upcoming Program Year. Parents must respond within 72 hours of being contacted by the ELC. If no response is received, the spot will be offered to the next child on the waiting list, in order of priority. It is the Parents’ responsibility to keep their application up-to-date with their current email address and phone number. Additionally, if a child’s parents fail to respond to two separate, consecutive enrollment offers, the child’s application will be removed from the ELC’s waiting list.


Parents may decline the spot offered and remain on the ELC waiting list for the next program year or enrollment opportunity. However, after two declines, the application will be removed from the ELC’s waiting list.


If a child’s application is not accepted for the upcoming program year, the application remains on file until the child is either placed, parents request that the application be removed or the application is removed for the reasons stated above.

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