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Why Families Choose ELC?


Jayson N., Parent

“The Early Learning Center has been such a blessing in our family's life. The care, love, and quality education that our son has received over the past 4 years is second to none. As parents, we are hopeful for Joshua's future because of the outstanding foundation he has received from the ELC.”


Amanda S., Parent

“As a parent of one ELC graduate and two current ELC students, I have always been impressed with the level of care and education my children have received.  My oldest was very well prepared for Kindergarten and the ELC instilled in him a love for school.  My younger children are excited to go to the ELC every day and come home every night with stories about what they learned in school – anything from letters, learning to count by 10s, how the Louisiana brown pelican dives to catch fish, and what the inside of a vacuum cleaner looks like (Take Apart Tuesday was a big hit)!”


Edy A., Parent

“The ELC is not just a child care center, but our home away from home. The staff and teachers put the same attention to quality and love in caring for my children that they would their own. My children are learning important life skills alongside academics, like regulating emotions and making good choices.”

Why Kids Love ELC?


Ella Grace B., Student (Age 5)

“I like school because we go on field trips, and I like learning about equations in math.”


Ann Langford V, Student (Age 2)

"I like my friends."


Ryann C., Student (Age 3)

“I like to play at school and learning my alphabets.”

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