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Academic Resources 

PreK3/4 & Kinder 

Literacy Activities 

Language Activities

Cognitive Activities 

Math Activities

Ms. Lisa's read Aloud

Additional Resources

  • CLASS AT HOME - Teachers are assessed twice a year using the CLASS assessment system.  Click on the link to get a glimpse into your child's day and how to use it at home.  

  • Yoga with Dynamic Therapy Specialists - We are "hosting" a free kids yoga opportunity.  All the families have to do is request to join- it is free.  We will definitely be offering it this Mon-Wednesday and possibly longer depending on the interest level.

Educational Websites

  • Going Stir Crazy?  Click here to follow guided dance videos to help release energy!!  Our students love Go Noodle. 

  • ​Click here to listen to a read aloud and download the corresponding activity guide sponsored by Scholastic.

  • [PreK-3] Click here to practice counting and number recognition using 5 Frames.

  • [PreK-4 & Kinder] Click here to practice counting and number recognition using 10 Frames

  • Click here to practice counting and matching the number to the quantity. 

  • Click here to access an extensive list of children's authors doing online read alouds and activities.  

  • If your child receives speech services, click here for twenty 5 minute activities speech therapy you can do at home.  

  • Is your child fascinated by space?  Click here to access NASA's entire media library.  

  • Is your child a fan of the ocean and aquariums?  Click here to watch the Georgia Aquarium webcams.  

  • Does your child miss Chapel?  Click here to watch animated Bible stories about heroes of the Bible.  

  • Mindfulness is the new trend in Early Childhood Education.  Click here to participate in Cosmic Kids Yoga - an interactive yoga adventure for kids.  

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