Coronavirus Update

Friday, April 30, 2021

For those of you wondering if the Governor’s announcement earlier this week will have any effect on our protocols, the answer is very little.  We are still keeping our groups “static”, meaning we only combine children from different classrooms when absolutely necessary and that is usually at the end of the day when few children are present.  We have decided to keep the drop-off/pick-up as is, using the gym instead of the North Blvd. entrance.  It allows for a much calmer atmosphere for children as well as staff.  We also feel it’s one step closer to “back to normal” for everyone.   Phone calls are no longer necessary at pick-up, you simply use the intercom if no one is sitting outside the gym door and it will connect you to the office.


To answer the much bigger question of when parents will be able to enter the building again, it is our understanding that EBR has to be “out of Phase 3” completely for that to happen.  Let’s all pray that will happen really soon!


Thanks for your understanding and patience through all of this, we truly appreciate it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


  • Additional teacher and staff training. As LDOE continues to provide updated guidance, all staff will continue to receive updated training on the enhanced precautions and preventative measures needed to keep everyone safe and healthy.


  • Protective equipment. All teachers will wear masks. Infant, toddler and two's teachers will also wear smocks in the classroom (laundering @ the end of every day).  Infants and toddlers should have multiple changes of clothes in the center.


  • Handwashing, regular disinfecting. Children downstairs will wash hands upon arrival.  Children going upstairs will use hand sanitizer before using the stairwell. Teachers and children will be washing hands every 2 hours, at a minimum.  Disinfecting surfaces, doorknobs, sink handles, light switches, toys, etc. will happen on an hourly basis.


  • Closure of family-style dining. We’ve stopped our family-style dining practice to reduce the spread of germs at mealtime.  Teachers will be serving all food in the classrooms.


  • Water fountains.  Water fountains will be covered and water will be available to children through the use of dispensers and one-time use paper cups.


  • Nap time adjustments. Children will continue to rest in alternating head-to-toe positions and be situated 6 feet apart whenever possible.  Bedding (along with any personal items) will continue to be sent home weekly for laundering.


  • Physical distancing. We’ll continue to practice physical distancing as much as possible. Group sizes are limited to 10 persons to a room; 5 for infant rooms for Phase 1.  To minimize potential exposure, children will continue to keep distance from children and staff in other classrooms.  This includes outdoor play time.   We will utilize the gym and/or the Ory Parish Hall since outdoor time will be limited. All spaces will be cleaned between groups. Children and staff must pass singly through all entry and exit points.


  • Stay home if sick. If your child has had a fever or trouble breathing, we ask that they stay home until they’ve been symptom-free without medication for at least 48 hours. If you choose to keep your child at home, please call the center and let us know.


  • Covid Testing. If someone in your home is awaiting Covid test results, please keep your child(ren) at home until you receive the test results.  If the test is positive, please see the “How to Respond to Covid-19 Exposure” flow chart located on the website.


  • Enhanced health screenings. Teachers and children will have their temperature checked at arrival and again mid-day.  If you have any information about your child's health (new bruise, scratch, etc. )to share with a teacher, please send an email to


  • Building Access.  Access to the building is limited to staff and children during a pandemic, as well as essential workers who provide essential supports and services.


  • Drop-off and pick-up protocols. Families are asked to assign one family member for drop-off and pick-up to minimize exposure to multiple people if at all possible. To protect our most vulnerable community members, we ask that grandparents do not drop off or pick up children unless absolutely necessary. Everyone needs to wear a mask at drop-off and pick-up.


  • Drop off needs to happen by 9 am.  You must call/email in advance if you have an appointment.

    • Toddlers and older children need to walk up to the door alone, parents need to stay behind the orange tape line. Parents of infants may cross the line if necessary to hand off the infant to a staff member.

    • Please be sure your child is ready to exit the car when you arrive (completely dressed, not eating, shoes on, etc.)

    • Due to increased traffic at drop-off/pickup, we ask that you enter the driveway slowly and please refrain from using cell phone.

    • Children need to enter doorways single file, so there will be an X where children will stand to wait their turn to enter building


  • Pickup -  Call the center (387-4229) to let us know you are on your way (and how many minutes out) so we can have time to get your child(ren) ready. If you do not call ahead and someone drives up behind you that did call, you may be asked to drive around the building to avoid causing a traffic jam.

    • Anyone who picks up before 4:00, please continue the present protocol listed above to pick up using the 930 North Blvd. entrance.

    • If you are in Room 101 (2 year old Room 1), 103 (Toddler 3), and Infant Room, you will continue to use the present protocol listed above using the 930 North Blvd entrance whether you pick up before or after 4:00 since your child's room is closest to the North Blvd entrance.

    • If your child is in any of the other classes and you pick up between 4:00 - 5:30, you will begin picking up in the gym, and you will no longer need to call the office.  The following procedures will be in place:

  • You will park in the America Street Parking Lot.​

  • You will need a mask to enter the building through the double glass doors near the America St. Conference Center.  Please use the hand sanitizing machine for your hands upon entering.

  • Please walk to the intercom system at the ELC entrance in the Gym and buzz to give your child's name.

  • Please maintain safe distancing while waiting for your child and keep your mask on the entire time until you exit the building (FUMC policy).  

  • Once you receive your child, please follow the signage to exit out the Adult Building back to the America Street Parking Lot to maintain one way in/one way out.


  • Field Trips & Special Activities.  All field trips and special activities are suspended during the pandemic according to LDOE & La Health Dept.


TRAVEL:  see FUMC guidelines for exclusion and travel protocols

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