Tuition and Fees 2020-21

2021-2022 Fees:

Registration Fee (nonrefundable)                              $ 350


School Supply/Activity Fee (PreK/K)                        $ 185*

*Includes June FUMC VBS Fee

School Supply/Diaper Fee (Infants/Toddlers/Twos)    $ 185

2021-2022 Tuition Rates 

Infants/Toddlers/Twos:       $ 220 per week

PreK 3 & 4:                      $ 190 per week

Church Member Discount:    $    5 per week

Sibling Discount:                $   10 per week 

Tuition Assistance - Child Care Assistance Program:


To support all families in accessing high quality child care, the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) provides financial assistance to low-income families while they are working or attending school.

Click here to learn about the application process.

Click here to access the Department of Education website for information on the Child Care Assistance Program.  

If you are interested in applying for CCAP, please contact our parish's Early Childhood Guide to set up an appointment:


Kaendra Brooks

Rachele Hardy

Below are the daily rates for CCAP.  The formula to figure out your copay is as follows:














(ELC Weekly Tuition Rate) / 5 (Days in a Week) = (Daily Tuition Rate)

(Daily Tuition rate) - (Daily CCAP rate) = (Your Daily Copay Rate)

(Daily Copay Rate) x 5 (Days in a Week) = (Your Weekly Copay Rate)

Example for Age 3 and up

$190 (Preschool weekly rate) / 5 = $38 (daily tuition rate) 

$38 (Daily Tuition Rate) - $30 (CCAP Daily Rate for Age 3 & up) = $8 (Daily Copay Rate)

$8 (Daily Copay Rate) x 5 (for number of days in a week) = $40 (Your Weekly Copay Rate)